Watch Roseade's Short Film 'The Pallet'


Oh hey there! It’s Lee from Roseade here :-) So this is a really awesome story about how Roseade’s short film ‘The Pallet’ came to life.

Being a business in 2019 means that you have to create A LOT of content for your online presence. So you’re always faced with this challenge of creating engaging content almost daily it seems. This puts me in a pickle, being the only person within Roseade that can create content, it always feels like you never have enough time and can never create enough content to keep the business happy. So I’m always on a lookout for creatives who can help spread the message of GOOD TIMES and GOOD VIBES for all!

Just to set the mood… It was a super ordinary Monday morning in mid December. Scrolling my Instagram feed. Procrastinating, some would say. And I happen to stop on a photo from what seems to be a young content creator on the Mornington Peninsula (James Stephenson Productions). Being curious, I had a bit of a look through his feed and really liked what I saw. “He’s got a really good eye for someone so young” I said to myself. So I sent him a DM reaching out to connect. A few messages back and fourth and we decided to meet up for coffee.


Over the next few months James shot several videos and photos for our social media. Product shots, a video about a festival we supply, various informative videos on venues that sell Roseade to name a few… Oh and just to mention, James is only 17! So this young gun is doing all of this in between school. Straight up HUSTLER!!! But by far the biggest and most impressive project we’ve worked on together is this short film ‘The Pallet’. We came up with the overall theme, location and story line together. Then James filmed, edited and narrated the entire project. Not too shabby at all!

This is a story about a pallet, a pallet that’s usually taken advantage of then just dumped somewhere to rot. But we won’t stand for that, Roseade will save that pallet. Give it a new home, treat it well and a new lease on life! So without further ado, we present to you…

the pallet

Produced by James Stephenson Productions and Roseade


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Lee Smallman