A lot’s changed since the 80’s and there’s many things we’d like to forget... Mullets, bad fashion, cheesy workout videos just to name a few. However, wine spritzers are back on the scene and are tastier than ever. Bringing that 80’s vibe with a modern twist, it’s created from Rosé wine, traditional lemonade and a bit of spritz. Roseade is a fun and tasty wine spritzer that spreads nothing but good times and good vibes!

Roseade is now a firm favourite amongst our market goers. Each and every month their impeccable styling and super cool graphics entice visitors to try this refreshing new drink and I can tell you now, they never look back! Roseade’s entire ethos matches ours so perfectly and we feel incredibly lucky be able to work alongside such unique creative leaders in their industry.
— Vanessa Johnston, Emu Plains Market